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Long Waits To See Doctors In Puerto Rico, Where Medical Needs Are Great Post-Maria

Long Waits To See Doctors In Puerto Rico, Where Medical Needs Are Great Post-Maria

Physicians have been in short supply in Puerto Rico.

By 2006 to 2016, the Amount of physicians on the island dropped from 14,000 to 9,000, in accordance with to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Puerto Rico.

Dr. José Cruz, a nurse with a practice in Ponce, said that the island’s continuing fiscal crisis and low premiums from health insurance companies drove many doctors to seek out employment from the States.

Physicians say conducting a medical clinic is a declining firm in Puerto Rico. In San Jorge Children’s Hospital at San Juan, a nurse earning roughly $89,000 annually could double his salary by visiting the States.

The reduced salaries reflect the island’s most widespread poverty. Almost 2 in 3 kids — and half of all Puerto Ricans — rely upon Medicaid, and also the land receives much less cash from Congress to cover physicians than do low-income countries.

KHN senior correspondent Sarah Varney reports in cooperation with”PBS NewsHour” on how Puerto Rico’s exodus of physicians is incorporating a new level of caution into bringing care.

3 reasons to see a doctor, even if you’re healthy

If you’re a healthy individual, you might be asking yourself why you need to stop by the doctor if you’re feeling good. But, scheduling a regular checkup is essential for avoidance and may really help save you money on medical care expenses. Belowwe list three major reasons to visit a physician frequently — even if you are feeling fine.

Were you aware that one-third of heart attack victims don’t have any warning? Like heart ailments, strokes brought on by blockages and higher blood pressure may also creep up on you. Luckily, these kinds of conditions could be captured early through a regular checkup. Even when you’re feeling more healthy, scheduling time to view and speak with a physician may provide you reassurance in understanding what’s functioning as it should on your physique.

Prevention is Far Better than cure

Having reassurance that what is functioning correctly can be a fantastic feeling. Taking it one step farther, if a physician catch early signs of an illness or a disease, premature prevention is far better than having to concentrate on finding a remedy. Spotting problems early through regular preventive screenings may lessen your risk for specific forms of diabetes, cancers, and much more. In the same way, beginning treatment in the first phases of an illness or a disease could be more advantageous than waiting till the illness worsens.

Save money on Healthcare prices

Along with getting reassurance and preventing major disorders, it is important to find a physician regularly to spend less on medical care costs later on. Tackling a disease before it disturbs can help you to save money on medication and emergency medical care, in case you require it.